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Our Car Loan

Wherever the Road Takes You, We’re Here to Help Whether you’re buying your first car, ready to upgrade or looking for a new adventure, we can help you find and finance the vehicle that’s right for you.

We’ll Help You Get Behind the Wheel We're here to guide you through the car buying journey - with advice to help find the perfect vehicle and right financing solution for you.

What Will I Use My Car For?
  • Understanding the whats and the whys can help you narrow your search.
  • How many people will you usually drive?
  • If you’ve got a larger family, an SUV or van may be a great option.
  • Where do you plan to drive most often?
  • Consider a compact car if you’ll be doing most of your driving on busy city roads.
  • Think about whether you’ll need all-wheel drive.
  • How long is your average drive?
  • Fuel efficiency may be a priority if you’ve got a long commute.
  • Which features are most important to you?
  • Do you want additional safety features such as collision avoidance, automatic emergency braking, or lane assist?
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How much do you want to borrow?

Weekly payments: $10

*Interest may be tax deductible. You should consult your tax adviser for details. *Loans subject to credit approval. Terms and conditions apply.

What loan may suit you

Campus-One Student Loans

Citi Trust Group is a student loan originator. When you are awarded student loans, as part of your federal financial aid package, you are permitted to choose your own lender. Citi Trust Group can serve your needs in this area.

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Business Loan

Get a business loan from one of our full-service loan professionals, and let us help you succeed. Citi Trust Group has partnered with local businesses all over. We offer term loans with competitive rates and flexible terms.

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Construction Loan

Citi Trust Group has a Construction-to-Permanent Home loan designed for you. Decisions are made locally - by local people who care! There are several loans to choose from that offer competitive rates and flexible terms to meet your loan needs. Contact a First American Bank lending officer today.

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